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A pyrrhic victory

The dictionary definition that I read this morning is: Adjective. (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor. A recent victory for someone very close to me has come at an incredible … Continue reading

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Anders Lassen VC, a man amongst men.

On the 22nd September 1920 a baby boy was  born in Copenhagen in Denmark. Nothing remarkable in this fact, but the baby boy grew up to be an incredibly remarkable man, almost definitely unheard of outside of military circles and … Continue reading

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San Marino

A curious place, a country within a country, the fifth smallest country in the world, the smallest republic in the world, great stamps and a rubbish football team. This tiny enclave perched high in the Apennine mountains and surrounded by … Continue reading

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Casa Batllo

Odd. Very very odd. I don’t know what was in the cigarettes being smoked in Catalonia around the turn of the 1900’s, or just how strong the mushrooms were, but there are clear signs of madness in the works of … Continue reading

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You can go off people you know.

Here I am, sat at a desk, in the desert, fed up at the start of yet another four weeks of misery and a so called friend is busily riding up and down my favourite hill on his bike and … Continue reading

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The Tour of Wessex, aka Their Trade is Treachery.

With apologies first to Chapman Pincher. It’s very easy to become ambivalent towards your home town or country, even if, like me, you live a long way from it nowadays. A three day bike ride around the area of my … Continue reading

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A vertical garden

I first saw this a few years ago and was intrigued at the time but then forgot about it, being elderly. I’ve since seen it a few times, it being in my favourite part of Madrid and the last time, … Continue reading

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El Mezquita de Cordoba

After the scandal caused by my celery post (no, dont worry, it wasn’t visible to most) I have decided today to return to safer ground. A visit to a new city is always fascinating for me and so a trip to … Continue reading

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A hidden corner of home.

A recent trip to see friends meant that I drove, without knowing beforehand, through a most wonderful valley, Les Gorges de la Meouge. To be fair, where my friends live is also pretty spectacular. After a fairly heavy first night … Continue reading

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Not pizza, that’s something completely different, although originating from the same country. Pizzo, in Italian, means something like “a birds beak.” A birds beak is something that dips in and out of many things.  It also means paying a tax … Continue reading

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