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You’re different to me, I don’t like you.

Last night, this man: made his country proud, by winning the 10,000m in the World Athletics Championships. He is British, he has a British passport, although it’s true he wasn’t born in Britain. By birth he is Somali, but came … Continue reading

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I don’t do religion, but ….

As a child I was christened, I dont remember it but I have been assured it happened. From that moment on I only stepped foot in a church for weddings until, inexplicably, my mother “got God” when I was aged … Continue reading

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Firstly, I´ve had far too many of them, although I don’t complain as I am always very aware that not all of my friends have had the same privilege. One of the less great things about my job is being … Continue reading

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Life huh?

My first post in many a while. Nothing travel or bike related. A pondering on life and where I find myself in it. Here I am, sat in an office at 53 years old, doing a job I hate, wondering … Continue reading

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The Few.

On this day, 70 years ago, the most decisive day of the Battle of Britain took place. Churchill’s famous quote afterwards is one that still resonates today. “Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so … Continue reading

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The ageing process.

I’m 50. I struggle against this, but it’s sometimes difficult to deny. It’s the memory, or in fact lack of it, that most lets me know I’m no longer a spring chicken. This morning, I did the same as I … Continue reading

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Spot the difference.

Here you see two photographs. You can clearly see what they are. No trickery, no sleight of hand. I want you to tell me the difference between the two. If we ignore the background and concentrate on the object in … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I had one of my posts that did very well, was seen by over 150 people in a day. (For me thats very good, believe me). Since then, I’m getting about five or six spam messages … Continue reading

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So. What’s different?

Two days ago, I took the momentous decision to stop being a .org and become a .com. Now, I’ve heard all about these .com billionaires, so I’m just letting you all know in advance, I won’t answer your begging letters. … Continue reading

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