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I hate heights.

When I say I hate heights, I mean I truly have a pathological fear of being more than a couple of feet from the ground. This may sound strange for someone who used to go to work by leaping out … Continue reading

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The most beautiful place on earth.

Not even a question. Its a statement!! Of course, its subjective, of course it’s much more than the beauty of the place that makes it so, but for me, Plymbridge, on the outskirts of Plymouth in Devon holds the title. … Continue reading

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To the land that pays homage to Norman Wisdom

To my shame I have to admit to knowing very little about Albania, and what I did know didn’t paint a glowing picture. So as I was just next door in Greece I thought I would pay a visit. What … Continue reading

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Worse timing?

Last week I received a little note from WordPress telling me my subscription was due. I hummed and hawwed over whether to renew or just to let the blog fade away, as I’d not written in it for a while … Continue reading

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The oldest zoo in the world?

A grandiose claim I’m sure you’ll agree, but in the grounds of the Schonbrunn palace in Vienna, an establishment makes this very boast. A quick bit of research tells me that in fact its the oldest “existing” zoo in the … Continue reading

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Schönbrunn Palace

One of the largest buildings in Vienna, with a fantastic history, what’s not to love? Schönbrunn Palace is a World Cultural Heritage site and Austria’s most-visited attraction. The baroque total work of art consisting of palace and gardens: was for … Continue reading

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A fleeting memory

Its funny how you forget things, especially when you get to my advancing years, but a single photo can unleash a torrent of memories. I have a week of tourism planned in April, with the destination as yet undecided. A … Continue reading

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Where do I go for a week?

Right then laydeez and gentlemen, I live in northern France, I will have a week off towards the end of April. I want to go and visit somewhere. Where can I go? I want to go to a country i’ve … Continue reading

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I have seen genius.

Comparisons are odious, ’tis often said and is of course true. How can someone from today say that Diego Maradona was a better player than Ferank Puskas or George Best? So much changes, diet, the pitches, the ball, the boots, … Continue reading

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I don’t “do” art but …

But the painting known as Guernica is something to be seen. I had a few hours to kill before yet more beer in Madrid so I popped across to the Queen Sofia National Museum and headed for the Picasso exhibition. … Continue reading

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