The ubiquitous bucket list.

After having read about Helen Fawkes’s bucket list I had a period of reflection myself about what there is that I’d still like to achieve. I don’t have the same terrible health concerns as Helen had, it was just a flight of fancy.

I decided I’d give myself 100 things I’d like to achieve before shuffling off this mortal coil, and set to work writing them down and then trying to arrange them in an orderly fashion.


It was incredibly easy to think of 100 things, my passions have always been travel and sport and learning, but once the list was first done I realised that everything I had written down was expensive.

So I wrote another list, trying to think a little of my dwindling fiscal resources, and saw it was still going to be very expensive.

The bucket list is a fairly modern phenomena I’m sure, I’m convinced that I remember my parents and their friends talking about the one thing they would do if they could, which in a generation has moved to an entire list of “things” to be consumed.

Although I’ve been lucky and have travelled widely and seen loads of incredible things, not all good, the world is a huge place, although certainly smaller than when my parents were talking with their friends all those years ago. There are still so many things I want to see and do. I want to see evolution in action in the Galapagos Islands, i want to watch a Lions rugby match somewhere in the Southern hemisphere, I want I want I want.

I’ll have another go at writing the list I’m sure, there are things I want to do still, many of them in fact, and some of them WILL be done, there is no doubt at all, I’m just not sure if I would suddenly become a slave to one should I ever actually publish it.

For now I’ll just sit and dream as I look at miles and miles of sand out of my office window.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to The ubiquitous bucket list.

  1. Nikki says:

    I really like both your attitude about, and your solution to, the bucket list problem.

    I’m at the stage in life where, both physically and financially, I know that I will never fulfill most of those wishful dreams. So I’ve tried instead to count my blessings… remember all those things that I experienced that brought wonder and joy to my life. Many were unplanned, like accidentally having to ski The Elevator Shaft, some were spur of the moment, like a road trip in the Spitfire to Victoria, B.C., and others were just normal outings that created lasting memories.

    Who knows what unexpected miracles may yet occur?!?

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    • Road trips in a lovely car are never to be forgotten moments. Blessings are also counted, believe me, especially every time I head across the channel to see the grandkids. It’s then that I see just how lucky I’ve really been.
      Accidentally sking the Elevator Shaft? Do tell.


      • Nikki says:

        I was joyfully winding my way down an intermediate run, feeling like a bird with the wind beneath my wings, when I zigged instead of zagged and found myself at the head of The Elevator Shaft. As the name implies, it is a relatively short, very steep run and once at the start, there is no way to back out. (I know this because I tried.) After a deep breath, I took two sharp cuts and then just let ‘er rip! I’ve never been more scared, or more exhilarated!

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      • Brilliant. Well done.


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