The best I’ve ever eaten.

I love food, which is why I’m so fat, and I’ve tried a million dishes in a thousand different places, but the fish amok that I ate at Frizz, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was without doubt the best fish dish I’ve ever eaten, anywhere.

The restaurant has tables outside but due to the overzealous affections of the bitey insects in the evening I ate inside. The staff were reasonably friendly without being in your face, there were a few people in but the place wasn’t crowded and the prices were more akin to western standards than typical Cambodian costs, but by the time the meal finished I knew it had been money well spent.


This was the only time I ate in a “posh” restaurant for the week I was in Phnom Penh, all other meals were taken in little side streets and market stalls and they were all excellent. No Delhi Belly on this trip (or whatever the Khmer equivalent may be) but I HAVE to go back to the fish amok.

Creamy, spicy but not burning my face off, the flavour was simply perfection. There was enough of it without leaving me too stuffed to move and the taste stayed in my mouth for a  good while after. This meal and the crunchy frogs consumed drunk in a bar close to the Royal Palace (near to Frizz too) are the only meals I can remember from this trip over two years later.

If you’re ever in Phnom Penh, I cannot urge you enough to go to this wonderful restaurant and eat this fantastic dish. If you’re on a budget though, its probably one to avoid.


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