It’s such a beautiful horizon

Any trip to Barcelona means at least a line or two from the song of the same name beautifully sang by Zanzibar’s most famous export and Montserrat Caballe.

A city I was revisiting after many years, Las Ramblas was where I’d spent most of my first trip, so was determined to see a bit more this time.

I have mentioned before that I hate heights so taking the glass lift on the outside of a shopping centre wasn’t great but the views of the city once there were pretty good.


The first morning was a bit overcast but the weather for the remainder was good. I am English, I must mention the weather occasionally, its the law.


This market, just off Las Ramblas, is fantastic. Go. I had the most enormous sea food platter for lunch, expensive but worth every single centime.


The snacks were just as appetizing. 20161121_215224

I wasn´t sure if it was true so I had to check that they do serve beer in Barcelona too.

The city is completely different from Madrid, a city that I like very much, the ambience is totally different, the layout is different and of course in Barcelona they have the craziness that is Guadi, everywhere.

Even my poor attempts at murdering the Spanish language went less well here than in Madrid,  only people who wanted my money humoured me, everyone else either spoke English or Catalan.

There are many many things to see in Barcelona, and I certainly didnt see all of them in my three days, the Gaudi monstrosities will be mentioned in another post, but the Cathedral of the Sea is beautiful, the whole city centre is great, the transport system is ok, the magic fountain is a spectacular show (although it wasn’t on during my visit) and many many other things too, although it did appear that the Spanish terrorists weren’t concerned about hiding themselves.


Three days eating and drinking in a foreign city is always good, I saw much more of Barcelona this time than I did last, I’ll probably go again as there are still many more things to see.


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2 Responses to It’s such a beautiful horizon

  1. Interesting city, Barcelona. We’ve been there a couple of times. I liked the zoo (but then, I would, wouldn’t I?) but my strongest recollection is of being stopped at traffic lights, in pole position on the far left lane. I saw the entrance to a car park on the right of the road not much more than (according to my recollection) 100-150 metres ahead. The road was about four lanes wide.
    The lights went green, I floored the throttle on my 1.8 Astra. EBD, ESP and, most importantly, traction control kicked in and we got away with no wheelspin.
    As you are aware, many drivers seem to be taken by surprise when the lights change, and need to engage gear, look around, do whatever it is they do to put off actually doing something and, in newer cars, wait for the engine to restart.
    We got into the car park before any of the other lanes caught up with us!

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    • We didnt do the zoo, Mme was much more interested in seeing Gaudi’s artistic(??) creations. We flew and took public transport everywhere so didnt actually notice the driving except for the Ayrton Senna wannabe who took us back to the airport. As befits our generation, well done for your Jackie Stewart impersonation.

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