Note to self

When you drag a book out of your long since forgotten folder to continue the writing process, may I be so bold as to offer a tip?

An unpublished author, nay, someone who hasn’t even managed the task of finishing a single novel may have nothing to teach anyone, so perhaps this is more of a note to self.

If you’ve not looked at your manuscript for so long as I hadn’t, probably more than four years, it would be a wise thing to read what you’ve got.

Having seen my word count was around 42k words I set to work, feverishly writing at every given moment for a week. Last night, a little bit stuck  at 53k I decided to read the whole lot to give me some inspiration for scenes to write.

And found many scenes written twice.

Now, this may have an advantage that one may be better than the other, this is possible, but it has a disadvantage that I will probably lose around 4k at least of my scribblings. So I´ve advanced, it’s true, but by Odin’s beard am I cross that I didn’t read it before attacking.



About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to Note to self

  1. Poo! oh well, at least you are consistent.

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