Beer, Lederhosen, Beer, Munich, Beer, Sun and Beer.


The Oktoberfest obviously takes place in September, in a park in Munich. When Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese on the 12th October 1810 all the citizens of Munich were invited to come to a large field, subsequently named Thereseienwiese (Theresa’s fields) in her honour, to celebrate the wedding, and the festival has taken place every year (with some breaks for World Wars and other such inconveniences) on the same piece of land.

In 1811 the Royal Family invited citizens of Munich to come back to the same fields, for horse races and an agricultural show. The festival grew quickly and has arrived today as being the biggest festival in Germany with over six million visitors.

In 1819 the citizens of Munich took over the responsibility of organising the event and lengthened it, starting it two weeks earlier to enable visitors to take advantage of the generally better weather in September.

Today the agricultural fair is held every three years and the horse racing has long ceased to exist, but the funfair is huge and the beer tents appear to be endless.


There is drinking to be had. Lots and lots of drinking. The famed, nay, the legendary steins (one or two of which may or may not have made their way to my house) are aplenty and the serving ladies are simply incredible in their ability to effortlessly carry several of the beasts in each hand.

I was happy enough with one.


Although the one was filled up often.

Accommodation is wide and varied, from expensive (very very expensive over those two weeks) hotels in town to cheap campsites which provide you with all you need. Booking early is most definitely recommended though. I have already provisionally reserved my digs for this year, any later and it becomes a struggle.

There is drunkeness, but there is happiness. There are friends and there are new friends. Its just a great way to spend a few days, if you like beer.


And I do.


And so do a lot of other people.


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2 Responses to Beer, Lederhosen, Beer, Munich, Beer, Sun and Beer.

  1. Nikki says:

    You look simply splendid in your lederhosen, Chris. Were the friends in the photo new friends or old friends…. or perhaps even family? Does music and dancing abound at this festival, or is it
    perhaps in a neighboring venue in order to prevent tumbles?


    • Hahaha, I look something in my Lederhosen, I´m not quite sure what. A mix of old and new friends in the photo, friends and then friends of friends. There is music all day, what we Brits call “Oompah music,” the traditional Bavarian music with big brass bands and there isnt really dancing, unless you count thousands of people stood on the benches, with arms linked, swaying in time to some oompah music dancing. The festival closes quite early though and those who can still stand go into town for drinking and dancing. Such things are no longer within my capabilities, which is perhaps a good thing.


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