The most beautiful place on earth.

Not even a question. Its a statement!!

Of course, its subjective, of course it’s much more than the beauty of the place that makes it so, but for me, Plymbridge, on the outskirts of Plymouth in Devon holds the title.

14030613_953801108100089_1626799589_nThe gate to my personal paradise.

Without getting maudlin I think “a less than idyllic childhood” will suffice. As soon as I was old enough to get a paper round though and buy a bike, I used to ride the six or so miles from home to here and walk for hours.

14080971_953800501433483_197952116_nI cant remember the last time I came here, many years ago, but I dont remember this tree being here. And yet it seems to have been here forever and it just ‘goes’ with the rest of the place.

14010039_953800568100143_2077414742_nI dont know how big the area is, how long you can walk for but I know that every time I come here, I fall in love with the place all over again.

14030995_953800174766849_1299009786_nAn old slate quarry has left its trace, the no longer existing railway is a good place to see the nesting Peregrine Falcon when they appear

14010079_953800958100104_332580071_nbut more than anything, its just the most stunningly beautiful place to come and walk.

14055530_953800911433442_1997897164_nI have been very lucky in my life, travelled to well over 100 c0untries and seen some incredibly beautiful things, but here, the place where I sought refuge as a child for hours and hours on end, is simply the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to The most beautiful place on earth.

  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks for this glimpse into the beauty of your childhood countryside. Really lovely scenes. I can relate because I grew up in the central Willamette Valley of Oregon amid similar sights. There is nothing like the scent and feel of green and water and serenity, and the freedom to explore them on your own as a child.

    Are there trout in those streams?

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  2. Alan Hammond says:

    Thanks for sharing mate, I also love Plymbridge and have spent many happy hours there. A friend of mine had a black Lab called Jedi and he used to love it there, he would’nt come out of the river and Kev had to strip off to his skiddies and go in and get him. Off course the dog thought this was great fun and thought this was a game, with what looked like a smile on his face he used to swim off and look over his shoulder as if to say come on then catch me if you can.When I was fit (many years ago) I would run from my house out to Plymbridge past Bickliegh Bks (42 comodo) down through Southway, Tamerton foliot to home, around 22 miles. The best part of course was running through Plymbridge, the memories are flooding back. A stunning place that was on our door step.

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    • I walked along it and it seemed like yesterday i was last there, even though it must have been over 30 years. I didnt appreciate just how beautiful the place was as a kid, even though i loved it. I think somebody designed that place as a dog’s playground, there surely cant be a better place for them, anywhere?


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