That tastes schnitzel.

After a rather festive evening amongst the fleshpots of Vienna some serious sustenance was required the following lunchtime, even after a reasonable breakfast.

A quick coffee in the Vienna Opera House café was taken, where it was decided that as we were in Austria, we should eat Austrian, or something as close as we could find.

No more than 500 metres later we walked past this place. Plastic tables and chairs inside, but it said Vienna cuisine, so in we went.

12729124_10207528956997989_6066415293887850619_nI’m not sure who Mama was, as the girl working behind the counter couldn’t have been more than 20 and the male chef may have been Mama once I suppose, but it seemed unlikely. What is sure though is that the Viennese cuisine that was served up was muchos bon. Hot on a cold day, filling and very very tasty.

12744405_10207528957678006_5581757358674858576_nA simple veal schnitzel was excellently prepared and certainly copious. I finished it but it was a challenge, even with my ever expanding waistline.

12729246_10207528957237995_1438613497933061625_nAppel Strudel? Oh I just dont mind if I do. Again, simple but very well done.

The outside doesnt look too inviting, and smoking is still allowed inside which would have seen me turn straight back round if anyone had been smoking when I walked in, but the food was quite simply excellent. No frills, no airs and graces, wholesome hot local food, well prepared and very reasonably priced.


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