The feeling is gone only you and I …

With apologies to all who were fortunate enough to not know that song.
Vienna, some may say, the cultural capital of Europe. I had just over 24 hours to find out. Obviously a day is nowhere near long enough to discover much, but I was determined to get as much into my time as possible, sleeping is for when I’m at work!! I’d been to Vienna once previously, in 2006 on a stopover coming home from Beirut. My 7 hours here were spent in a bar close to the airport. I was determined to see a little more this time.

We were staying in the Intercontinental Hotel, right in the centre of the city and were lucky enough to have been given an upgrade to the executive suite. Muchos posh. The views from the room on the 14th floor were fantastic.

DSC_0018Both day and night.

12745913_10207528961118092_9060067292450000830_nWhat to see? Well, the Opera House is surely a given? Stunning building, sadly on the day I was there it was closed for visits and I’m not enough of an opera fan to pay to watch a show over such a short visit.

DSC_0006St Stephens Cathedral, along with the Opera House, right in the centre of the city. Stunning pieces of architecture both of them.

DSC_0015The best pub in Vienna? I dont know, not all of them were visited, but this was the favourite of the ones that were. One thing to note though, in the vast majority of pubs and restaurants, smoking is still permitted inside, something I’d forgotten just how bad it was.

10983343_10207528958638030_4079606393425823155_nWe did also eat and visit other things, more of which to come.

There was also the oldest zoo still in existence and the palace of the Empress Sisi, of which more to follow.

Overall views of a short trip, really enjoyed the city, everything is local, the metro is excellent, the beer is cheap (therefore its a WIN), food is good and also cheap, stunning architecture and very friendly people. I doubt I’ll go back in the immediate future, but am certainly glad I went.


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7 Responses to The feeling is gone only you and I …

  1. Looks well worth a visit sometime. As for that song; it means nothing to me!

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  2. Alex Hurst says:

    Sounds like another really fun trip! Love the detail on the architecture… I think that’s my main problem with modern architecture. All smooth and glass and gloss… no real character between all the cement boxes. 😛

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    • As a certain British pensioner with extremely large ears once said of modern buildings “a monstrous carbuncle.” I too love the old architecture, I’m sure there are many reasons why buildings such as those are no longer built, but that doesnt disguise the fact that they are stunning.


  3. Alan Hammond says:

    Cheap beer has got to be good.

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  4. Alan Hammond says:

    Absolutely, a perfect way to enjoy a beer.

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