Vaison la Romaine

A rummage through my photos reminded me I hadn’t written about this wonderful little town in the Vaucluse that I came across last year.

The memorial to the fallen, as seen in almost all communes in France denotes the start of the old part of the town, the new part being constructed on the other side of the river. The Medieval part of the town is joined to the newer half over the river Ouveze (which I didnt manage to get a picture of) by a 1st century stone bridge (idem). It climbs up, at an alarming rate, leaving the lower, modern city a long way beneath it.

IMG_20150630_114457The town is generally famous for two things, a terrible flood in 1992, a flood so bad it featured on the Discovery Channel and its Roman ruins.

IMG_20150630_114928The Medieval city is, as you would imagine, full of narrow, windy, twisty turny pathways and archways, a very few shops and cafés, a cinema would you believe and, sadly, many houses for sale.

IMG_20150630_120040The staircases to climb to the ancient tower wouldnt normally have been a problem, even at my advancing years, but the previous day I’d exerted myself slightly on my trusty velocipede, so I did struggle climbing up, but it must be said, once I got there ..

IMG_20150630_120607The views made it all worthwhile. A good military commander knows that you if dominate the high ground, you generally win. Even back in the day they knew this.

IMG_20150630_121005The view from the top was quite spectacular, and the gentle cooling breeze was most welcome.

IMG_20150630_121035The reason my little legs were so tired is that very high peak you can see right in the distance. I’d popped up and down it a few times on the bike the day before, not really the recovery day I’d envisaged but was a lovely couple of hours.

I actually went on a Tuesday, which coincided with the locally famous open air market which takes place on the modern side. Again no photos but a very busy, bustling affair with lots of lavender and local produce for sale, as well as locally produced crafts.


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8 Responses to Vaison la Romaine

  1. Nikki says:

    What a lovely town! Thanks for sharing it…. made me want to be walking those cobbled streets too.
    Wouldn’t dream of wishing you ill, but it’s reassuring to know that you can get fatigued too… you’ve always seemed like the Energizer Bunny that just keeps going and going and going, without ever becoming tired. 🙂


  2. Alan says:

    That was a lovely place, nice ice cream to.

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  3. Alan Hammond says:

    I would indeed mate. I remember those houses we saw cycling from Malaucène to Bédoin, they had pool’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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