Miss Tiggywinkle

Was in the garden today and a little hedgehog stuck its nose out from under the chicken coop. I watched it for about 20 minutes before it finally headed back underneath, and I cursed myself for not having my camera with me.

IMG_20151016_200407This evening, I went out to close the coop and there were three of them, mum and two babies pootling around the chickens enclosure, and this time I had my camera.

IMG_20151016_200521I adore seeing hedgehogs, but very rarely see them around the place, I’ve always thought the dogs must scare them.

I was only about 2 feet away from this little one, pretty fearless, I didnt move towards it, but it was happy munching away on a slug or something.



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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to Miss Tiggywinkle

  1. Nikki says:

    What a delightful surprise for you! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

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  2. It’s always nice to see them; anything that eats slugs gets our vote.
    I can understand them being nervous of the dogs, though. Trevor becomes (noisily) frustrated when one rolls into a spiny ball. He only wants to play with it; but what is his game?

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    • I love the little things, this lot though have shown sense and taken up residence in the chicken coop, where the Baskervilles cant get in. Mum and two nippers, we both spent about 20 minutes just watching them.

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