The problem with forethought …

In fact, there are very few problems with forethought, many though with a lack of it.

Its coming to the time when our fowl will go and see Tonton Laurent and come back wearing the latest line in clear plastic bags, so freezer space is needed. We will have at least a dozen birds of differing sizes and as our last freezer blew up it was time for a new one. This is good, forethought.

We looked at the shops and online but nothing immediately took our fancy. We continued to look on the internet for a cheap one, locally that we could go and see. This is good, forethought.

Friday night, the Laydee of the house decided she’d found one, she called and we arranged to pick it up on the Saturday morning, ready for the birds arrival on the Thursday. This is good, forethought.

We drove to collect it on Saturday morning, put in the car, paid for it and drove home. An empty freezer is very light so between the two of us we carried out round to the laundry room where it was going to sit next to the other one.

Only, it doesnt fit through the door. It doesnt fit. Even with the door off, it doesnt fit.

This is not good. A lack of forethought.



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6 Responses to The problem with forethought …

  1. Something of a saga, then. Oh, wait. That was foresight, not forethought. Sorry. Take it all back.

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  2. Nikki says:

    As the daughter of a carpenter, I am very familiar with the adage “measure twice, cut once.” It is also appropriate to purchasing appliances and furniture. I know of what I speak. 🙂

    What have you devised to solve the problem?

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  3. janetwyman says:

    We did the same with a Sofa. At least we could dismantle the darn thing. Shame you can’t do that with a Freezer. 😦

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