One of the more common fears, a fear of mice or rats.

In my case I’ve no issue with mice, but their bigger cousin ….. They scare me more than dentists and the angry 5 foot Breton that lives here.

Today, I was at a friends to change their kitchen taps. A simple job, well it should have been but of course, in the land of plumbery, rare are the things simple.

Finally though, after three hours, I’d finished, all the water was back on, a coffee was being prepared so I took most of my tools back to the car. I turned round to head back to the house ………

and there it was.

A rat. About a metre outside of the front door, two metres away from me, on all fours, its eyes wide open, apparently staring right at me.

There is no real logic in a phobia, logic says that if a rat had seen me it would have been sprinting to get away from me, trying to avoid confrontation with something much larger, but a phobia doesnt allow you to think logically.

Several hours later I can estimate that I was rooted to the spot for about 10 or 15 seconds but at the time it seemed a lifetime. Finally I managed a pathetic little scream through my tightened throat. My friend’s wife came to the kitchen door and asked me what the matter was. I pointed in the general direction of the beast, now managing to move my feet and hide behind my car.

“Oh yes, the cat killed it this morning, my husband will move it when he gets home from work.”

Even though I now knew it was dead, I still wasn’t too reassured, but I headed back into the house (giving it as wide a berth as possible) to finish my coffee, collect the rest of my tools and head home.

Dentists I know why I’m scared of, hideous painful memories from childhood, the angry 5 foot Breton scares everyone, but rats … I dont know why I’m sooo scared of them.

So scared that I cant even illustrate this post with a humerous post of the critter.



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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to Musophobia

  1. We had a ditch running along the back of our property, which went through to our neighbours. Quite a nice ditch as it happens, providing drainage. However, the neighbour decided to hang bird feeders over her part of said ditch. Birds are not the tidiest of eaters and the result was that the ensuing mess attracted rats. To which my neighbour was heard to state “Oh but they’re country rats, not dirty like town rats”. So Paul and I set about a program of extermination, we shot every one that we saw. 40 plus hits and 21 confirmed kills, which we left in the ditch for the neighbour to clear up. The bird feeders disappeared. Coincidentally, so did the rats.

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    • There’s no logic in a phobia. I’m that scared of the bloody things I couldnt even have shot the one that was dead outside my mate’s door, let alone a live one. We have them here, we live in the sticks plus we have fowl, so occasionaly I see them as I shut the birds away for the night. I generally stay rooted to the spot for a good 10 minutes till the Laydee of the house comes out and asks if I’ve just seen a rat.


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