We live and learn.

Not so very long ago I became the proud owner of four young laydee Cuckoo de Renne chickens.

Yesterday, to complement my stock, I found, purchased and brought home a boyfriend for the young mademoiselles. He’s a fine specimen, large, robust and heavy.

IMG_20151010_115516The little ring on his leg means he is a genuine Cuckoo de Rennes.

IMG_20151010_121707The owner of the fine young bird gave us a full history of the bird, where it came from, lineage and told us about the association (everything in France has to have an association) of the Cuckoo de Rennes breeders. He also gave us some very good indications on how to spot genuine birds and hybrids.

Which meant that when got back home we immediately checked our laydeez, only to find that the pink legs I was hoping to find on them weren’t there, they were normal chicken coloured.

I’ve been done. This means that the four young laydeez will be going into the freezer shortly, as their meat is excellent and we will have to find some true laydee Cuckoo’s to continue the lineage of this superb local bird.


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6 Responses to We live and learn.

  1. Nikki says:

    My first thought was “How hard-hearted… just because the girls aren’t blue-blooded (or in this case, pink-legged) enough, they end up in a pot.” Then I realized… well, that’s where they’re headed eventually anyway, right? And anything less than the real thing would mess up your
    breeding plans. Glad your seller was able to enlighten you. Good luck!

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  2. Alex Hurst says:

    When we got our Shiba Inu, we were positive that he wasn’t pure. Gangly, long legs, narrow snout, no white spots above the eyes… but the breeder insisted he was pure, and even pulled out his lineage papers…. All Shiba, as far as I could understand. But…. he definitely wasn’t pure. He didn’t have the soft fur (all coarse and wiry). We loved him, but we knew he was more mutt than Shiba. 😛


    • Ahhhh but you loved him nonetheless and that’s really all that matters.
      I knew little about the Cuckoo until the nice man explained about the legs, am somewhat miffed but have hopefully found some proper ones to come and join us after the current lot head off to the freezer.


  3. janetwyman says:

    Bloody Cockerels! I’ve had my fair share of the ruddy things. My Dad was right, they only want to do two things, and both begin with F.

    Best in a pot – and a home-reared Chook is soooo much tastier than anything you can buy!

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