Le lac de Guerlédan.

A vast man made expanse of water near to Mur de Bretagne, but currently empty, so it needed a visit when I was nearby to watch the Tour de France. With a surface area of just over 4km it’s the largest artificial lake in Brittany.

Originally created to power the local dam, work started in 1923 before finally being finished seven years later. The project suffered many problems, not least geological, technical and often financial. Now the lake is a vertitable tourist trap offering walks and various watersports.

IMG_20150711_113718Beginning in 1951 the lake was regularly drained for repair, the last time before now being in 1985, revealing a hidden landscape of submerged locks and buildings.

IMG_20150711_114028Modern technology will reduce this frequency but as the lake was drained whilst I lived in the area I thought I had to go and see it.

IMG_20150711_114055The thing that staggered me was the amount of trees still upright. I wasn’t surprised to see buildings still upright, I’ve done a bit of diving in artificial lakes before and buildings are often there, but slender trees, thin, devoid of leaves but still standing looked amazing.

IMG_20150711_114033The walk around the lake is around 40kms, which is a good day out. Only had around 30 minutes to have a look before getting back on the bike and riding back to the Mur de Bretagne to watch the finish of Le Tour de France but it was a very pleasant 30 minutes, revealing a landscape rarely seen these days.


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3 Responses to Le lac de Guerlédan.

  1. It’s interesting to see how things hold on after two decades under water. Not sure I’d like to walk 40kms in one day, though; not with my feet.

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    • Several decades, work started in the 20’s, that’s a long time for a tree to still be upright. It was surprising to see how quickly the grass had grown back too. I know its fresh water, so no saline problems but even so I was a little taken aback to see the place so green. We wouldnt walk 40kms in a day either, its why bikes were invented.

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  2. Alex Hurst says:

    That would be a wonderful place to go walking. Love all of the different things to look at!

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