Finally, I’ve got some.

I’ve been hunting for some for aaaaaages, I even bought a dozen fertile eggs and tried to incubate them but they weren’t having any of it.

Today, thanks to a word from a friend, I collected four 3 month old Coucou de Rennes chicks. The plan is to also find a boyfriend for them, eat one of the originals as a taste test in  a few months time and keep the rest for breeding.

The attached is a brief history of said bird, should anyone be in the vaguest bit interested.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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6 Responses to Finally, I’ve got some.

  1. Nikki says:

    Congratulations on your long awaited acquisitions…. I hope all goes as planned. And thanks for the attached history on these birds…. very interesting. They will be an attractive addition to your farm while maturing into their eventual roles.

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    • Many thanks. They are handsome looking birds, I’ve just come back in from watching them pecking around in the coop, they seem to be very happy in their new home.


  2. louvargas2014 says:

    Good luck with your new brood – new project! x

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    • Many thanks, they’ve all settled in well. The hunt for a boyfriend at a price that seems reasonable is taking longer than I’d hoped, but he’ll arrive in the near future I’m sure.


  3. Alex Hurst says:

    They’re very pretty! And look quite hardy. Sorry your incubation experiment didn’t go well. My parents tried to keep chickens once…. Seven of them, but one night the pen wasn’t latched properly and a raccoon got them all. :/

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    • They are indeed hardy beasts. They’ve settled in well, but the hunt for a boyfriend for them goes on. Around these parts its “Goupil” (the French colloquial name for the fox) that does the damage. I feel for your parents, the same thing has happened here several times, its carnage. Hopefully their pen is now properly fox proof, but I’m not sure. Its the geese that I’m worried about, they’re now lovely and large and only getting larger ready for the festive season. A fox takes them now I’ll be more than a touch cross.
      Hope all is well with you guys, I’ve not had a computer for almost two weeks, its been painful.


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