I learned a new word today.

Technology most of the time flies above my head, leaving me aimlessly thrashing about in an electronic maelstrom, but there are times, when things work, that it can indeed be very useful.

On our morning constitutional we were talking about our new flock of poultry and I was teaching the laydee of the house a few English words. We’d done goose and gosling, chicken and chick but when we got to “turkey” I realised I didn’t actually know what the English word for a baby turkey is. I just didn’t know. I knew it in French, but not in English.


Recourse to the interweb on my ever faithful Blackberry told me that the English word for a baby turkey is a poult.

As the French say, I shall go to sleep slightly less stupid this evening.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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8 Responses to I learned a new word today.

  1. Hats off to you for following it through. I’m not sure I would have bothered. In the early days of the Hawk Conservancy web site, when I was fielding all the queries from “what time do you open” to “I saw a Turkey Vulture near our house today. Is it safe for me to go outside”, I had a number of “what is the correct name for a young hawk/falcon/eagle/buzzard/vulture”. My standard answer? “Chick works for me.”

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    • With almost everything (except modern technology) if I don’t know something, I have to find out. Makes me quite painful as a person I’m sure but there we go, its the way I’m made. By the way, I saw a Turkey Vulture outside earlier, is it safe to … Oh nothing.

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  2. JSM says:

    You didn’t know poult….(it covers young poultry) I blame the parents but we’ve already had that conversation whilst meandering through Somerset

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  3. Guilie says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Bob… I learned a new word, too 🙂

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