You know those days when …

When any and everything that could go wrong, does.

Its only just gone past 1pm but already today is one of those. I moved something in the cupboard when I came downstairs this morning and the box of toothpicks fell onto the tiled floor with the inevitable consequences.

“I hate inauspicious beginnings” I said to myself before bending down to pick them up, one by one and put them back in their pack.

I’d made a crumble last night with some rhubarb I’d found in freezer and thought I’d treat myself to a small bowl this morning, decadent but hey, we’re only here once. A good spoonful, the crumble, sweet and crusty just as it should be, the rhubarb ….. turns out it was the rhubarb that we made the rhubarb schnapps with last year. A gob full of gin soaked rhubarb may be good of an evening but not ideal first thing.

But whats this? My day is looking up. A phone call, “please send me your CV and any relevant certs for an upcoming job.” Ah yes, this is better.

Only ….. I’ve not had use of my normal email account for almost a month, some form of update required that is simply out of my comprehension. The secondary email will have to do. Only, for reasons known only unto a higher being, today Hotmail doesn’t appear to want to work on my computer. Probably (I would imagine) because I’ve been messing around with settings trying to get my first email address to work.

Quick brainwave, I’ve got another computer upstairs, its only used for my writing stuff, and even though my main email won’t work on that, Hotmail will.

Only, when I take it out of its nice velvet case, I find its got a dent about an inch deep on the lid which reveals a totally shattered screen when I lift the lid.

I might just go back to bed.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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5 Responses to You know those days when …

  1. Use your browser and go to You should be able to log in to your account and send an email from there. Add cc (or bcc) to your main email address, so you’ll have a copy of what you send.


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