Dinner, but still very cute.

We were a bit late getting our winter larder in this year, but they’ve finally arrived.

10 guinea fowl, 3 geese and 3 turkeys came home on Saturday. For the first couple of days they were kept in the coop to accustom them to their surroundings, then, this morning, I let them out into the wilds of their run.


The turkeys, as always, were the first out, they are slow moving, generally fearless birds that take almost no offence to being handled. The geese were next, long necks fully extended in guard dog position, jumping onto the grass and started eating. After a goodly while a small dark feathered mass ran out, the guinea fowl had also arrived.


The guineas were put into a cage for the first day, they’re very skittish birds and prone to heading off. This is the third year we’ve tried, thus far, from 30 birds, we’ve managed to get one in the freezer.


Whilst they are table birds, (we may keep a couple of geese for breeding) and we don’t get attached to them, I still love having them around and can and in fact do spend hours in the coop with them.


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2 Responses to Dinner, but still very cute.

  1. I’m quite fond of geese – particularly Greylags. No nonsense guard-dogs that also, I am told, lay golden eggs!

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