Why was I so stupid?

A few years ago, in a fit of temper, I put my fist through the screen of my old Windows computer. In my defence, it had been getting worse and worse, slower and slower, constantly getting stuck and had twice given me the “Blue Screen of Death.”

Even as my fist was heading towards the screen, my brain was telling me this wasn’t a good idea, the document inside needed to be sent to Germany within the next half an hour, but sadly my temper got the better of me and the deed was done.


Judicious use of a VGA cable and my television enabled me to finish the document but I clearly needed a new laptop. I asked around amongst my friends for recommendations …. and made one of the biggest errors of my life.

I bought a Mac.

Since I’ve had it I’ve grown to hate Apple so much that I wont even drink cider anymore.

The final straw though arrived about three weeks ago. My email server was upgraded to provide better security. This manifested itself by me not being able to send emails. A quick call to the service provider told me all I needed to do.

Or it would have, if I had a  brain.

Living in the land of the rising Frog, all of my technologically capable friends here don’t speak English. Given that, although my French is more than competent enough to converse and even have a French laydeefriend who doesn’t speak English, I’m in no way able to explain computer stuff.

My go to man for these things was on holiday (how selfish) so I was stuck. I attempted to do it myself.


Eventually the selfish bloke returns from holiday and answers my pleas.

Only, apparently, there is a known conflict with Mac and STMP.

I have no idea what that phrase means, this is something told to me by my friend, a man who would put Einstein to shame with his brilliance.

I, sadly, am thicker than a whale omelette. I just don’t understand. The one thing I do know is that I can’t send or receive emails on this current address, and when all of my work related mails will arrive to this one  (I’m currently not working and am starting to look for a job) this is a very difficult situation.

I hate computers with a loathing that I can’t even explain in my native tongue, let alone in any of the other languages that I manage to ruin.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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10 Responses to Why was I so stupid?

  1. If incoming mail is okay, it shouldn’t be difficult to use an alternative outgoing service. One of the outfits I email most has an antispam service that is convinced my service is on a spam blacklist. Ergo, I send out through orange.fr

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    • When I say I’m thicker than a whale omelette, I may have been bigging myself up slightly. Although I understand each individual word you’ve said, I don’t actually understand what you mean.
      Have I ever told you I hate computers?

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  2. Nikki says:

    So sorry to hear of your difficulties, especially since I can relate to them completely. I try to bluff my way through my ignorance with friends who seem to embrace and understand computer technology. But the fact is, without my brilliant nephew (who is only an hour away down the valley and is exceptionally fond of me) I would be out-foxed by my PC on a regular basis. I do hope you can come to an amicable resolution with your computer…. I would miss terribly your posts and our conversations. Good luck… or perhaps I should say “May all the gods be with you!”

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    • I need a brilliant nephew. Actually I have a few but none of them are brilliant with computers. All things will be resolved in time I’m sure, my man that can has promised me he’ll sort something, but I really don’t have a clue what he’s going to sort…..


  3. I owned a Mac once. I…I don’t like to talk about those years…

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  4. janetwyman says:

    Now Spongey, you know the best thing you did was shove your fist through your PC. Mac all the way!

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    • Too expensive, too expensive to repair when they go wrong, not enough repairers, not even an SD card to read your photos on a Macbook, pathetic. I’ve made some shocking mistakes in my life, but buying a Mac was definitely one of the worst.


  5. Steve says:

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is a well known port responsible for the delivery of email to an email application. If your Mac can’t process that then there is something seriously wrong with your operating system. Apple are shite, but not that shite. I know you are a Luddite and its virtually impossible to try and talk about this stuff in plain English. But here goes. ……

    Firstly, is it your mail client that’s actually the problem? You haven’t gone and blocked port 25 (SMTP) on your firewall have you? Errrr…….Do you know what a firewall is? Please say yes.

    Secondly, have you visited your mail provider’s web site to find various settings for your email client? There may be some alternative settings you can try. Their instructions should be idiot proof. They have to make things clear for AOL users, amongst others.

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