Q is for Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

The QE bridge, or the Dartford tunnel, depending on which way you’re heading.

The only toll bridge on the London ring road, a bridge that took three years to build, opening late in October 1991 is the scene of some of the worst traffic jams in and around London. Even when the traffic is flowing well (rare around London) because of the toll, stopping is obligatory anyway.

The bridge itself is a fairly impressive structure,


but its not for its looks that its made my A-Z list.

Whenever I had the misfortune to be on the London ring road, the M25, and the misery to be heading towards the toll booths, it does allow me to take myself back in time slightly.

I stop at the booth, I pay, and then, for a few hundred metres I turn into a racing driver of yesteryear. I imagine the days of the Migle Mille, or the old start of the Le Mans 24hrs.


Everyone heading at breakneck speed for one single point. If I’m driving a convertible its even better. I imagine myself with my open helmet and old style goggles, sat in an old British Racing Green racing car with Stirling Moss and  Fangio in the cars either side of me.

I’m not sure how many booths there are, but I do know once you’re through, its a dog eat dog world for maybe half a mile, and I’m always hungry.


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9 Responses to Q is for Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

  1. Whenever I hear stories about driving I am glad I do not. However, I am an anomaly because I actually ride my bicycle in a place where people love cars, Southern California.

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  2. I can sympathize – having the car means you need to open her up.
    Happy A to Zing..

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  3. Like at the French gares de péage, it’s the compression of about ten lanes into three that gives some of the most exciting (in my old MX-5) or scary (in my underpowered Twingo) moments, as vehicles of all sizes and performance profiles, and drivers of all levels of (in)competence jostle for position.
    Not that I am in the least competitive, of course…

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  4. louvargas2014 says:

    It’s the real QE’s birthday today!

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