Popped out of the house it was 2015..

By the time I’d driven no more than 20 minutes I’d gone back in time. I didn’t even know this was on, so for a bit of a car fan to drive past this lot was a top surprise.

Some of them I’ve driven or driven in before.


Some of them I’d lusted after for many a year.


Some of them I’d even owned in my younger days.


Some I’d never seen before.


They were all in fantastic condition.


The pride and joy of the various owners were laid out all over the market car park.


For a couple of hours I was lost in a time warp, and loved every second of it.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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6 Responses to Popped out of the house it was 2015..

  1. What is interesting is the number that are sporting post-2009 number plates.

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  2. njmagas says:

    Woah! Classic car expo! I used to go with my dad when I was little. My uncle used to restore classic hot rods. We have a picture of me and my sister in our martial arts uniform on the bed with this beautiful car.

    What a cool find.

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    • Was a big surprise, had no idea it was on. Ahhhh, like you and your sister I’ve got pics of me with beautiful cars, although mostly ones I owned in years gone by. If only I’d kept hold of them.

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  3. Alex Hurst says:

    So shiny~ there used to be a classic car show outside my work once a year… it was great, seeing all the cars parade on by. 🙂 I miss cars that had cool body shapes.

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