J is for Jermany

Ok, perhaps it isn’t, although it was going to be as  I was having problems trying to think of a J, until I remembered an incident that happened to me in QA airport, Amman, Jordan.

I could have perhaps chosen to regale you with tales of the sun rising over Petra, a truly wondrous experience,


or of drinking in The Rovers Return in downtown Amman,


but no, my Jordan story involves bullets and airport security guards.

Having flown out of Baghdad the previous afternoon, passing all necessary security checks, I’d arrived in Jordan with my luggage without a problem. The night was spent drinking with friends before sleep, an early coffee and head to the airport for the flight home.

We (myself and one other bloke from my team) arrived in good time, had a bit of breakfast and headed through the security checks. My case went through the X-ray machine, I went through the human one and I waited on the other side. My day sack came out, the case got half way out then stopped. It went back in. It came halfway back out and stopped again. The man looking at the screen spoke to another security man, my case was picked up and moved to a desk. He looked round to find the owner of said case and smiled as I walked towards him.

“Please open the case sir.” I did as instructed whilst chatting with him to find out what was inside. The screen looker man looked across and acted out a picture of a man firing a gun, whilst saying “shoot, shoot.” I knew I didn’t have a gun in there but was intrigued as to what had been seen.

My case was emptied but nothing was found. The security guard checking my things was happy for me to go but the screen man was insistent. “Shoot shoot,” the actions this time a bit more menacing.


The empty case went back through the machine, nothing found. Packed it up again, and once again the screen man saw something.

Case was emptied for a second time, this time each item individually. As I lifted a t-shirt I saw it, the detachable end of a screwdriver. Ahhhh, relief. The security guard smiled, picked it up and waved it at screen man.

Who shook his head. “Shoot shoot,” now almost screaming.

We carried on, each item taken out individually, still nothing found. Again, security guard was happy for me to go, but screen man was having none of it. “Again, shoot shoot!”

We put the case back through the machine, “it” was still there.

For the third time I took my items out of the case, my mate had now left me, heading to the plane as time was ticking on and I was also starting to look at my watch with a slight amount of nerves.

Oh! There it was. As I pulled out my desert boot for the third time, a single, brass coloured, shiny, metallic bullet fell from it, bounced onto my foot and rolled under the closed sided table. I watched it disappear from view and felt my heart leaving my mouth.

NOBODY had seen it. Not my guard, not screen man, nobody that I could see had seen the incriminating article hit the deck.

The decision was taken very quickly to continue emptying my case, which I did, hoping to bluff my way through. My security guard was getting more and more fed up, so I played on it, huffing and puffing, looking at my watch, wondering aloud if I was going to catch my flight or not.

“Ok, there’s nothing there, put your things in the case, you can go.” Music to my ears, except screen man still wasn’t happy. He indicated to security guard that the case had to go back through the machine. It did. Nothing. It moved back and forth three times on the machine before finally coming through.

The look of absolute confusion was priceless, but I have to confess to having a real case of nerves until the plane had actually taken off.

To this day I don’t know how it got there, I was always absolutely scrupulous in making sure I was clean before heading home, but after that I packed my cases with a metal detector.

The letter J was bought to you by http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/



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8 Responses to J is for Jermany

  1. I wouldn’t have thought, that in the absence of a firearm to propel it, a single bullet would have been much of a problem; or am I being naïve?

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    • I think pre 11 September I would have expected to have been given a ticking off, as carriage of such items is prohibited, but post that date, especially in countries in such proximity to unpleasant places, its really not a good idea to be travelling about with them in your hand luggage. Whilst a lack of firearm is a good thing, the round itself would probably have launched myriad other questions.

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  2. Faye North says:

    Yikes, that’s a scary story. You don’t want trouble with airport security. A few years ago I bought a wooden Pinocchio bank for my daughter in Florence – a long straight figure with a protruding nose. It was in my hand luggage and the screener at the Rome airport didn’t like it. He took it away, presumably to check with a superior, but soon returned it. He had me worried for a while.

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  3. Alex Hurst says:

    Woah! Terrifying! How lucky that no one else saw the bullet drop… though I imagine his Scooby Doo level cursing would have been equally priceless if they found it later. Glad you had a good enough bluff, though!

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  4. What an intriguing read! 🙂 My trip to Jordan (many years ago) also wasn’t without incident but at least they let me leave the country! Oh, and I totally agree about Petra 🙂 Amazing place especially the first sight 🙂 Life Diet Health (A-Z Challenge 606 atow)

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