No, not Willy, not even Horatio, but this little fella.


He was hatched in the incubator along with one of his brothers or sisters


as mum had abandoned the nest, but he just seemed very weak, and had one eye that wouldn’t open. I left him overnight in the incubator and yesterday morning he seemed in fine form, preening himself, drinking and eating.

I decided I’d put them both back with mum, so around 9 am they both went in. I went back around midday to have a look, but could only see six chicks, not seven. A rummage through the straw found the one eyed one dead, flat, in amongst the rubbish at the bottom of the coop.

Ah well, he was the runt, it wasn’t improbable. I picked him up and walked back to the house, ready to throw him in the bin but just as I opened the lid I saw his beak move. ACTION STATIONS!!!


Heat lamp set up over a box, laid him down and watched and waited. Within the hour he was up and about, chirping, drinking and eating.


Awwww. I kept him there overnight and then put him back with his mum and his kith and kin in the morning. Midday I just stuck my head in for a peek, same same. He was on the floor, cold and flat. Sheesh.

Same again, back under the heat lamp, within the hour he was up and about. He now has both eyes open, is very full of himself, is cheeping, eating and drinking.

I’ll keep him in the house for a few days, just to ensure he’s strong enough to survive before once again trying to put him back with mum.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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9 Responses to Nelson.

  1. Nikki says:

    Well, there’s an Easter story for you.
    Nelson is a living (I hope) example that there is nothing like warmth and caring to work wonders in one’s life.

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    • A fine metaphor indeed. As i type this he’s cheeping away under his heat lamp in the kitchen. Another couple of days here before he’s back in with his feathered friends, hopefully this time round he’ll be strong and well enough to survive.


  2. awww, but look at that face! Him, we keep. C’mon, Nelson, we’re right behind you.

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    • I’ve just come back in from a bike ride and he’s on my lap helping me to type my reply. He’s a keeper no worries and I’m sure he’s now strong enough to go back to Mum but I’ll leave it till tomorrow just to be sure.


  3. Bless his little downy heart! As for you, I dub the Papa Hen!! Well done, my friend… Well done! I am pleased to know he has made it through… How exciting!

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