The French.

They’re up to something!!

Not content with being the proud owners of the worlds most difficult language to master completely, not happy with having no logic in their language (une bite?) unable to have a president unless he’s named after an airport, there is something deeply sinister about the French in general.

I accept that their education system is outwith the comprehension of the average Anglo Saxon and that their system of work is designed to hinder rather than help.

I embrace the fact that the national sport, and the iconic annual sporting event known as the Tour de France hasn’t been won by a Frenchie for many a year, and that their only real recent star, Richard Virenque who is a confirmed druggie, still works on the telly.

I know that the banking system is as flexible as a lead pipe.

I can see that they prefer to go on strike rather than talking to people to resolve problems.

I understand and accept and in fact love all of this and adore my adopted nation, but yet, notwithstanding all of the previous, there is the malevolent undertone that runs through the French psyche, where they all seem to have a false name, the entire nation appears to live under a nom de plume.

“Hello, my name is Chris, what’s yours?’  And this is where it gets interesting …

“I call myself Jean Luc.”

I call myself? Hmmm, but what is his real name?

They’re up to something.


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5 Responses to The French.

  1. And don’t forget – Q: “What is your job?”, A: “I work like a cabinet-maker”

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  2. Nikki says:

    And here I am, laboring under the delusion that you embraced ALL things Gallic. 😉

    But I do thank you for planting the idea of “I call myself….” I could have really used that last week when I gave my actual first name, only to have the person search me out. I’ll try to remember next time.

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    • My tongue couldnt have been further in my cheek, its one of the many phrases that doesn’t translate literally into English.
      I’ve started using it now though, especially when people come round asking for money.


  3. Fogg says:

    i do speak a bit of the French Lingo, I like a lot of French culture and enjoy being in the country. However, I must disagree with you on one of statements – I live and work in Wales and have been trying to speak there language for what seems an eternity. I firmly believe this to be the hardest language I have ever attempted to learn. Hand on heart, I will never master one of the oldest languages on this planet. Mange tout Monsieur


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