Support your local cycling business.

I love riding my bike, the discomfort felt during hard rides is well recompensed by the weight loss and feel good factor afterwards but, it must be said, I know nothing about how to look after it. I take it down from the rack, ride it and put it back on the rack. Thats it. It doesn’t even get washed.

My rear wheel has been ever so slightly buckled since I fell off it because I was riding too slowly up Le Ventoux and I seemed to have gained a semi automatic gear box, changing up and down with gay abandon.

An old friend and army colleague has left the mob and set up a bike repair shop, so I agreed to tie in a visit to see him during my last trip back to the Motherland.

He did the original set up on my bike after I’d bought it, which helped me greatly in my climb up Le Ventoux. That time it was done for free as we were mates and he didn’t have his business up and running, this time, I paid for it, so was more demanding as a client.

He works out of a small place in Wrexham, his website is


A look on his website shows some great testimonials, from far better folk than I.


The buckled wheel being straightened. It would have taken me years to get an even more wonky one, he had it straight and flat in about two minutes.


I’d also ordered some brand new Campagnola wheels (so I could have a spare set, just in case) and he changed over the tyres and tubes for me. He’s a bit of an ugly bugger, but he’s brilliant at what he does.


He told me off a bit for my lack of bike cleaning, but gave it a good clean up, chain, all cables and anything else that needed it, as well as showing me how to do it. Now I know, I do actually clean the chain after every ride, so I’m slowly getting there.

He runs courses, both bike maintenance and mountain bike stuff (outside of my remit, but if you phone, he’ll explain all).

His coffee is good, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of biscuits, but that honestly was my only criticism.

If you live anywhere near Wrexham I can’t recommend this small business highly enough. He’s newly started, very good and very reasonable prices. I appreciate he’s not local to me, but even though I live in France, the home of Le Tour, I’ve not found a bike mechanic who does so much and so well, so when I’m back in the UK it makes sense for my bike to come with me. If you’re ex British Forces, don’t forget to mention it.

Good luck Setch, I’ll be across for a maintenance course sometime in the near future.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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