My bum hurts.

If you’re a bit confused: butt if you speak North American English or fesses if you’re a French speaker.

Maybe not want you want to be reading, especially if its early, but it really does.

Since starting training for my various cycling challenges this year, I’ve started to put in the miles on the bike. It’s getting sore now though. A couple of weeks ago I was out in an absolute deluge, 35 miles or so and I could feel the sores opening as I was riding along. By the time I got home there were two bloody open wounds, one on each side, that REALLY hurt once I got into the shower and the shampoo rinsed from my hair reached it.

Whilst the sores have cleared up, the dull ache at the bottom of my cheeks is particularly uncomfortable. I’ve had a rummage around the interweb and the prevailing opinion seems to be “cycle more and lose weight.”

The weight is starting to come off and I’m cycling daily so I can’t really be doing much more. I’ve adjusted the saddle, back and forth as well as putting in a slight tilt, as recommended on several cycling websites, yet no matter what I do, I have a constant awareness of the discomfort.

I’m now looking at a different saddle, but one I wont be trying is this beast:



What? Just WHAT?


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to My bum hurts.

  1. There really ought, by now, to be something better than these things for supporting botty on a bike. Don’t ask me what, though!

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