To the pictures!!

I’m not a fan of going to the cinema, mainly because I don’t watch films. I can always find something better to do than pass a couple of hours watching something that isn’t true. The only real time I watch films is when I’m on a plane, as there my self entertainment options are limited.

The last time I went to the pictures was to take my youngest daughter to see the first Harry Potter film, and before that I went to see Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise, with an ex-girlfriend. A quick search tells me that the latter film was released in 1990, thus this weekend will be 25 years since I last went to the pictures in adult mode. (Truthfully, I only lasted 20 minutes through Days of Thunder, it was drivel. I went to the pub and waited for my Tom Cruise struck girlfriend in there).

This weekend though we, myself and the laydee of the house, are going to Rennes to watch a film. Its a political thingy, based on real events that are still currently ongoing in France, something called the “Clearstream affair,” the French title being “L’Enquete.”


This will be a Red Letter Day for more than one reason, to the pictures is an exploit in itself, but I shall also be going to watch a film in a foreign language. I suspect my long suffering partner will be prodded all the way through, “what does that mean, why did he say that, who’s he?’ She will, though, as always, just ignore me and I shall be left to muddle through and work it out.

The double bonus? I will get to finally understand something that’s been in the French news and psyche ever since I moved to this wonderful country, but secondly, it also falls nicely enough that I can tell her its a Valentines day present. Just how wonderful is that?





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