Weight, wait.

As some of you may have read, I’m now training for a cheeky bike ride, the Tour of Wessex, at the end of May this year.

Two weeks ago I looked like this:


For two weeks I have been out for a run every day. When home I have moved all the time, I don’t have a pedometer but my steps would be well above the daily average required for losing weight. I have religiously followed a careful calorie controlled diet, the internet is wonderful for helping people like me to lose weight.

After 14 days, I weighed myself again this morning. I now look like this:


Not a single gram has been lost. On the plus side, not a single gram has been gained, but I’m a bit cross that not a single gram has been lost. More running and less eating required it would appear.




About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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7 Responses to Weight, wait.

  1. I would comment, but I put on 3 kg over Christmas and haven’t shifted any of it yet.

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  2. John S M says:

    Blimey Mr B although I suspect a little artistic license with the pictures, what happened to the racing snake I used to know and trail after ? Sugar is my down fall

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    • Sadly mate, not too much license. The racing snake moved to France, drank beer and morphed into a racing sloth! Still, it’ll come off, slowly, painfully, but it will. See you on the start line.


  3. John S M says:

    High Intensity Interval Training that’s the future apparently, your phys complete in 6 minutes, 3 times a week, not sure I would leave it solely up to this but I add it in after the odd session to finish off
    This or variations of is good


  4. You shouldn’t look for problems where there are none 🙂 Sometimes I think to myself, ‘what if I go bald…will people accept me?’; ‘what if I lose one arm…will people accept me?’; ‘what if I lose an arm, AND a leg, AND all my teeth rot…will people accept me?’. These are very important questions. Even existential questions. What if you appear at my doorstep — asking for bread — amidst a fierce hurricane in Florida… Shall I give you a loaf of bread because you look like Matt Damon or Katy Perry? What if you look like someone that’s just escaped from a Death Row in Texas penitentiary? Are we here to impress someone else, or are we here to live our own lives sporting the appearance of some corpulent lady, or an anorexic man, or…I-don’t-know-what-else?


    • Unfortunately there is a problem, it isn’t a case of looking for a problem where none exists. The problem is, fairly soon I shall be riding my bike for around 350 miles in three days, and i’m currently overweight. Each pound that i lose is one pound less that I need to transport over these 350 miles, which means that tiny bit of effort less each time.
      (P.S. I dnnt actually know what Matt Damon or Katy Perry look like, so looks would be irrelevant in times of need).


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