Champagne on The Danube.

As part of the three day travel pass I bought on arrival at Budapest airport, a “free” Champagne Danube cruise awaited. As we were on holiday,  we wandered down to the docks for our trip at 9 o’clock on a warm autumn morning, passing this playful couple on the way.


The day was overcast, but nice and warm, and our pleasure boat was full of voices from all nations, everyone given a little audio headset in their respective languages and off we went.


To be honest, the Champagne cruise was a slight misnomer. One plastic glass filled with Asti Spumanti, but we weren’t really there for that. A river cruise is always a different way to see a city, the views of the various buildings totally different from those at street level.


The Parliament building, one of the iconic structures in Budapest is a truly striking building. We were too close to allow me to get a single panoramic shot of the entire facade in front, but I could from a slight angle.

DSC_0253I loved seeing the old and the new side by side.


We were seeing things from the river that we were going to see in better detail later in our trip. We didn’t know, from the river, that this was a wonderful indoor market.


Fishermans Wharf, a place dark in Hungarian history, as the pictures of Hitler stood there overlooking the river testify, is now a wonderful place to eat, drink and be a tourist.


The Royal Palace, an immense structure.


There were also the famous Budapest natural spring baths. This one though, as we found out the day after, was men only.


This place, nestled into the base of the cliffs really intrigued, but sadly we didn’t get time to have a look round, which was a real shame, it looked great.


The trip was a couple of hours long, we stopped on a little island for a few minutes to buy an ice cream, the Champagne wasn’t but it was a really good way to see the city and save my poor elderly legs.



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2 Responses to Champagne on The Danube.

  1. Nikki says:

    I’ve always thought that the views you get while on a river are the best, and your photos attest to the truth of that observation. Thanks for sharing.

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