Welcome to Budapest.

A quick city break to another European capital saw me getting off the plane in Budapest reasonably early one Thursday morning. The airport is excellent, easy to manage and within half an hour I was on a shuttle bus to my hotel, having bought a three day city pass for the public transport, (which also gave a free river cruise), I most definitely got my moneys worth.

Half an hour on the shuttle and it dropped me here:


Expensive but definitely worth it. Unbeknownst to me, the Hungarian Grand Prix was in town over the same weekend, so was quite surprised to see David Coulthard walk into the lobby just as I was heading out to have a look round.

The room had a lovely view across a small park, there were loads of youngsters doing what youngsters do the world over, but it was lovely to look across it. A few hours later I was  walking back towards the hotel when I saw a large white lorry stopping all the traffic right in front of the doors. Intrigued, I stopped, and saw this:


I’m no real fan of Formula One, despite being a big sports fan in general, but the crowds of people watching a race car being taken out of a lorry showed me that I was in a minority of one. I’m slightly ashamed to say I don’t even know what team this was from.


The car was placed on what to me was a piano mover, but I suspect in the world of F1 was an ergonomically designed car mover costing billions and was wheeled behind the hotel into a pedestrian street, where Jensen Button was later to be stood on a stage doing a Q+A session.


Heart of Midlothian football team were also in town the same weekend, playing some sort of pre-season qualifying match. I suspect the F1 crowds were bigger!!




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  1. BLX! FFS (fat finger syndrome). An extra you hadn’t bargained for, I’ll be bound. Still, that’s B taken care of.

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