A day out in Kosice, Slovakia.

After a couple of days pootling around the foothills of the Carpathian mountains I headed to the big city looking for the streets paved with gold. Unsurprisingly I didn’t find any, but I did find a lovely city, warm in the summer sunshine with a fantastic pavement café culture, lovely parks and great architecture.


This church is on the eastern side of the town, a beautiful building bordering on the biggest park that we saw.


A plaque on the side of the church. No idea who this person was, but they lived a very long time!!!


The view from the park back into the city.


A church in the city centre, too big to get a full frame picture.


The town hall, with fountains in front. These were often full of kids playing, ignoring the signs saying “DO NOT PLAY IN THE FOUNTAINS.” This was in the middle of the city, either side were rows and rows of café’s with people sat outside drinking coffees and beers, enjoying the sunshine.


Seats in one of the bars inside. Excellent chairs, properly made me laugh.


One of the oldest buildings in Kosice, totally restored a few years ago.

I only spent 6 hours in the city, I ate well, had a beer and did some shopping. Its a bustling, modern city with a large shopping centre, at least two floors high from memory with a really good atmosphere. Its impossibly to quantify “ambience” but this place certainly had it. Imagine an Eastern European Barcelona, its a very similar feeling.


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