The oldest profession, but, the wrong door!

When I’m away with work I get up early, thus go to bed early. Last night though was a little different. I, along with my boss and his wife, had been invited out to tea (dinner if you’re posh) with someone from high society. My host being Spanish, dinner is taken late, I didn’t even leave the hotel until just before 9pm.

Tea was great, the dessert was absolutely to die for, the conversation, all in Spanish, was stilted whenever I joined in, my Spanish not being particularly good, but overall a fine evening.

Back to the hotel just before midnight, brushed my tooth and within five minutes was ready to hop into bed. As I put my hand on the light switch there was a knock on the door. Slightly puzzled, but assuming it must be my boss I opened the door slightly, putting my head round ….. to see two middle aged ladies. They both pushed straight past me and into my room, with the second one pushing the door closed behind her.

Aware that I was naked I ran into the bathroom to grab a towel before the inquisition started. As I walked back into my room I was somewhat startled to see my two uninvited guests had already removed their coats, and didn’t appear to be wearing too much underneath.

My Wolof isn’t brilliant, they spoke no French or English, but after several minutes I finally managed to make them understand that I wasn’t their intended victim and that they needed the room two doors further along the corridor.

Without a trace of redness on their faces, they laughed with each other, picked their coats up, put them on and headed out of the door, both blowing me a kiss as they left.

I’m clearly getting old, I sent them packing but went to bed with a smile on my face.




About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to The oldest profession, but, the wrong door!

  1. You wouldn’t want that after a big dinner, would you?

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