You don’t want to park that there mate.

Tucked away in the backwaters of Martigné Ferchaud, on the borders of Brittany and The Loire Atlantique is a moto cross circuit that I didn’t know existed until just recently.

When the Brittany championships took place, someone offered me free tickets so I went down to have a look. I’d never seen it live before, didn’t really have an interest in motor sports, and even when it had finished my opinions hadn’t changed that much. What it gives you though, is a monumental sensorial explosion, the noise of over 40 bikes heading towards the first corner is momentarily deafening.


The barrier drops and the mud flies as each rider desperately looks for the ideal route through the first corner.


In every race, there was a crash, a collision, resulting in someone picking their bike up from the floor, the air now blue, not from exhaust smoke but the language of the upset pilots.


After the first corner there are jumps, dips and climbs all over the course, very little respite for the riders, but there were constantly things to look at whilst I was there.


Noooooo…..Dont park it there ….


In all honesty, I watched for a couple of  hours, have no idea who won what, nor who was last, had no real urge to follow the sport any deeper, but thoroughly enjoyed it whilst I was there.



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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to You don’t want to park that there mate.

  1. Hmmm. Not enough wheels for my taste, but I can understand why people like it.

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  2. There were certainly some passionate fans of the sport in evidence. I had to read Ouest France the next day to see the results as I truly had no idea.


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