Je suis Charlie!!

As an Englishman living in France, I wasn’t expecting yesterdays vile events in Paris to have affected me so much, and yet I found myself shedding tears last night, sat with friends discussing their childhood memories of Cabu, Charb et al.

I felt the wave of pain that swept the nation, indeed the world, during the day yesterday, and, in transit through Paris this morning, took time to get as close to the site as I could to lay a small bouquet of flowers on the rapidly increasing pile. Walking through the quieter than usual streets, I could physically feel the hurt felt by my adopted nation.

The revulsion that arrived, ¬†and that still remains, was rapidly followed by an instantaneous outpouring of support for freedom of expression, over 12000 people turned up in my local city to pay silent homage to the fallen, those men and women who’s crime was to have printed cartoons.

The entire world appears to have been revolted by this act, solidarity and support came in from all over the globe, I even saw an American politician speaking in French.

And then, of course, one reads Anjam Choudary’s take on things. The barbarous act of terrorism carried out yesterday was one that, to most right minded people, was just that. Not carried out in the name of religion, no matter how many Allahu Akbar’s were shouted, just terrorists. The chief Imam of Paris, although happy to state that he didn’t like or support the magazine Charlie Hebdo, said “they were martyrs for the freedom of expression” and couldnt have condemned the act any more than he did. Mr Choudary, though, has a different take on things, refusing to condemn this act.

The less than right minded people, who already have suspicions of Islam, and Muslims in general, will look at this act yesterday, hear Choudary’s comments and make two plus two to equal five.

There is anti Muslim sentiment in France and in the UK, it would be foolish of anyone to say otherwise. For Choudary, and several other Muslims of lesser repute to not be condemning this act will only engender further unease and mistrust.

As I write this, with tears again not too far away, I can hear the Imam calling the faithful to prayer right outside my window. These are pious, gentle, generous people who have a devout faith, nothing at all to do with those who carried out yesterdays senseless, cowardly attacks.

The drawing of a cartoon should not and should never mean a death sentence for anyone ffs.


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10 Responses to Je suis Charlie!!

  1. These actions of aberrant fanatics are similar to, perhaps, the Pentecostals attacking Private Eye, or that nutty Florida pastor publicly burning the Qur’an. They do not represent Islam. Their inability to react to criticism other than with violence is only a mirror of the leadership of pretty well every communist country that ever was, as well as many despotic regimes since time began. What distresses me is that they claim to be acting in defence of their god, who they clearly believe is too weak to defend himself.

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  2. Richard Ross says:

    I haven’t heard Choudarys comments but I can imagine. Well written, as ever…

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  3. Rob says:

    Nicely written Monsieur – I think the majority of the worlds population felt some pain yesterday pal

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  4. feral007 says:

    I can’t help but wonder what is the most galling to people who are determined to have their views at the only views that anyone can be allowed to entertain. Does the Shock and Horror, make them feel big? Is the Fear something that floats their boat? And how do they feel, when they realise that shortly after those first emotions, comes a swelling sense of Determination? That we become determined to live our lives simply, happily, and in the way that suits us best?
    I acknowledge that there is much inequality in the world, I’m a woman, we not only suffered inequality throughout the ages, we bred the people who caused it!
    I’ll always look at my life as being something to work on, and having freedom of speech is most important.
    A smile, a hug, a gentle joke. It’s what life is all about.

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    • Sadly there will always be inequality, this won’t change in our lifetime, nor the lifetime of my children’s children, but to be able to freely express thoughts MUST be an inalienable right, no matter how unpalatable to others they may be.
      I truly hope this is the last of such acts in the name of Islam, but I know it won’t be.

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  5. feral007 says:

    I wish it were so, too. The old saying East is east and West is west – I thought it was sorted when I was younger. As I get older I find that there are some people who can’t bear differences; that tolerance is intolerable to some, and it reminds me of that saying, yet again.

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