Isn’t it funny how languages evolve without us really knowing it. If I’d have written this to someone 20 years ago I’d have been asked to explain myself but nowadays its in current parlance, so you, the reader, is expecting something out of the ordinary.

I should actually have written OMFG, its that out of the ordinary.

In a few days I shall be 51 years old, and I’ve just been given the playlist that I need to learn for my first ever gig!!!!!!!!!

I’ve always loved singing (sadly, irrespective of the feelings of those around me) and in September this year I was at a party with some friends for a birthday. Late on in the evening, (early morning if I’m honest) a couple of guitars appeared and two local school music teachers started to strum. Being as it was fairly early and I had imbibed at least half a sweet sherry, I started to sing along with them.

Only turns out these two had a little band, well known amongst the local bar scene and they’d lost their singer who’d moved away. They’d looked for a new one for a fair while but not found anyone.

The following afternoon they both turned up at my door and asked me if I’d sing with them, ON A PAID BASIS FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!

Now, I’ve always loved singing, but erm….. being paid to sing in front of peeps? Wasn’t sure at all, but the conversation has gone back and forth and eventually I’ve cracked.

One thing I was surprised about, I hadn’t realised just how many songs make up a set in a bar. There’s probably about two hours worth of music. Flippin ‘eck.

It won’t be in the immediate future, we’ll need to do a lot of rehearsals first, but I’m terrified already.


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10 Responses to OMG

  1. Could this be a whole new career?
    By the way, the first (and only) time I used abbreviations like lol and omg on Facebook, my daughter responded to tell me, “you’re too old to be using expressions like that, Father”.
    Having said that, I still use STFUD when Trevor decides that barking is the new singing.


    • You’ve not heard me singing mate, this couldnt be a whole new career.
      I suffer a very similar fate should I actually use them on social media, my daughter (why always daughters?) responds in exactly the same way.
      The dog one though, is universal surely. Three of them do not a melodious chorus make.

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  2. Nikki says:

    How absolutely delightful for you!!! I must admit to being envious of you, for reasons I will spare you. What kind of music does your group play? Contemporary or standards? Rock or folk or torch or …? In French or English? As you can see, I’ll be excited to hear all about it.

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    • Delightful for me, not so sure for everyone else!!
      Do tell your reasons, if you feel you can, I’d love to know.

      Having looked at the playlist, its going to be a mix of English and French, generally music of my younger years, so an “oldies” collection although a couple of modern things chucked in, three of which I’ve never heard of so need to learn them.
      I’m terrified, although looking forward to it, whenever it may be.
      Hope you passed a good Christmas, and all my best for the new year.


  3. Nikki says:

    Be careful what you ask for. 😉
    Envious, because I let that part of my life slip away: turned down the chance to be keyboardist in a fledgling group, and the chance to play clarinet in a jazz group… both because I feared I wasn’t good enough. I did take up guitar in my long-haired hippie stage, and have a cassette tape (that dates me) buried somewhere that proves I had a voice once upon a time.
    You can’t go wrong with oldies, especially if they’re goodies, as I have a feeling yours probably are. Bravo for taking on the challenge… I wish you much joy in your experience! Music is one of the true blessings in life.

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    • Many thanks for your wishes. I’m very lucky in some respects, one being that I have no fear of failure, nor embarrassment. I’ve always been someone that will die knowing. I’m not always sure its a good thing, but at my great age it isn’t going to change now.
      A cassette tape you say, I know what one of those is too.


  4. Fi Hewkin says:

    I am extremely envious because I love singing but sadly can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I wish you the very best of luck 🙂

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  5. Ellen Hawley says:

    How badly can it go if two musicians thought you were good enough that they wanted you to sing with them?

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