Yesterday, 16 December 2014, in a school in Peshewar, Pakistan, an event happened that was so evil as to be almost unspeakable.

That grown adults could even countenance the idea of entering a place where children go to learn, with the sole intent of butchering them, is something that surely cannot be reconciled in the minds of most human beings.

Sadly, as we know from bitter experience, the worlds outrage and pain will last for a few days until the next major story hits the headlines, and the area will be abandoned by the vultures that pedal what they purport to be news, leaving them bereft and in many cases unable to cope.

There will be all manner of tough talking from politicians, no end of “this must never happen again,” but it will.

I have no words, in any language, that could adequately express my pain, anger and wretched disgust at such an act, but I think this picture says everything that needs to be said, both now and in the future.



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4 Responses to Peshawar.

  1. Sorry, mate. I’ve drafted five responses to this, none of which offer anything beyond ire and disgust. Suffice to say that I am with you all the way.


  2. Nikki says:

    You’ve spoken truth, in every aspect of this tragedy.
    Regardless of religious beliefs, it makes one long for the hope of a hereafter where these kind of mind-numbing, heart-stabbing atrocities could never happen…. because we surely won’t have it in this world.


  3. Fi Hewkin says:

    I just don’t have words for this


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