103 years ago today..

Roald Amundsen stood on the South Pole with his team, the first human beings known to have done so.


Today, with the advancement of technology and probably global warming, the pole is fairly accessible, there are even nutters who go and run a marathon around it every year, but back in the day, 103 years ago, these sturdy Norwegians walked all the way into unknown territory.

I like to think I’m a fairly adventurous bloke and again like to think I’ve done some fairly crazy stuff, but think back to the day when they set foot on the ice and started walking, knowing they could quite easily be heading to their doom. No satellite phones if they got into trouble, no computers to get weather updates and general communications, no planes to fly stores into them, and no guarantee of coming back to the boat  before returning home to international acclaim, just a vast expanse of cold white wilderness.

The story of what befell Scotts expedition is well known, one can only imagine his thoughts upon arriving at the pole and seeing a Norwegian flag, even more so when they were trapped in their tents in a blizzard, just a short way from a supply depot, awaiting their end. All done for King and country back then.

We live in different times today.






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  1. And not one of Amundsen’s or Scott’s party asked the question that seems to have driven the western world since the 1980s: What’s in it for me?

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