Jerez de la Frontera

With almost no Spanish, certainly not enough to be of any use, I decided to head to this wonderful little Andulucian city for a bit of work and lots of play. The best way to see a city is with local knowledge, so my good friend agreed to house me and away I went.

First things first:


A bit of light reading on the train from Malaga to Jerez.

I was actually in Jerez for this:


But once it was done we did some of this:


New eyes, with friends, eating breaded squid and drinking  beer, I’m not sure life could have been much  better at that particular time.

My friends live in the north of Jerez, in the new part that was designed to be the new Jerez, wide open streets, very light and airy, with orange trees absolutely everywhere. I had left Paris on a grim cold rainy day and to arrive in Jerez to the smell of the fallen crushed fruit literally invading my nostrils was a welcome feeling.


The city is quite distinct in its two separate identities. The new, all geometrically aligned, wide roads and easy to navigate, the old, well, like an old city really. Narrow crowded streets, fantastic architecture leaping out at every turn and the true spiritual heart of the place.

Once my eyes had stopped hurting I went for a walk around the old city, snapping away. I fell in love with the place, whether stopping in a bar for some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted:


or simply seeing a fantastic building, plaza or something that made me smile. The fact that in December it was still reaching double figures during the afternoons made me smile even more.

IMG_20141205_105928 IMG_20141205_110252 IMG_20141205_114010 IMG_20141205_104442

The eating, drinking and general living is fantastic in this jewel of a place and I was really sad to leave, especially after the fantastic hospitality of my hosts Alvaro and Estefania, I am missing Little Alvaro and Sofia already but will be back to see them all very soon I hope.

Before I sign off though, I’m going to share a little secret with you. Just before I left, we had lunch in the most fantastic restaurant. The food was incredible, quite simply superb and yet it was empty. We were the only people eating there. My hosts will be quite cross I’m sure if you all rush there, but really, truly, honestly if you find yourselves in Jerez and you don’t eat a menu (a dish of the day) in the Hotel Palacio Garvey, you’ll have missed a gastronomic treat. Their Russian Salad is absolutely to die for.





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4 Responses to Jerez de la Frontera

  1. I’m glad everything went well with your eyes, and love the sound of Jerez. I’ll bet you can even get decent sherry there, unlike in some places I could mention.

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    • Being something of an adventurous soul, I thought I’d best try the sherry whilst I was there, only to find there are in fact two types. I tried them both, the less sweet one was more pleasing, which surprised me greatly being the sweet toothed beast that I am. Eyes are now fantastic, still not fully healed with mild discomfort but to be expected according to the doc. Jerez is lovely mate, really is. I’d certainly recommend a trip that way.

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  2. Fogg says:

    Retire there and become a writer – you can actually spell and put a sentence together now (even better with the new eyes, you can spell check it yourself)

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    • Believe it or not mate, that was a topic of conversation around the dinner table last night. Need an electrician contracts manager wedge before I move obviously, but its not out of the question, either there or Rome.


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