36 hours later.

Sat in the sunny front room of my friends flat, wearing my sunglasses to protect my brand new eyes from the light, how do I feel?

Elated and frustrated would probably best sum up my feelings.

I am elated because this morning, for the first time in many a long year I woke up, looked at my watch and saw what time it was. No more fumbling for glasses to see where my glasses are, no more jabbing contact lenses into my eyes for a night out, only to get too drunk to remember to take them out when falling into bed and wake up with my eyelids stuck together.

Elated because almost every hour I can see slightly better than the hour before, already I’m typing this with no glasses or lenses, which would have been simply impossible 2 days ago. My eyes are still sensitive to the light and I can feel that they’re still not totally healed, but its almost there. No driving for 10 days but I’ll be back to work soon so no real hardship.

Frustrated because its taken me to my 50th year to be able to get this done, would have loved to have done this before, I detest wearing glasses!!

But I think, really, that I’m happy happy happy.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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5 Responses to 36 hours later.

  1. I’m delighted for you old chap. Is there any risk related to hot and dry conditions? I only ask, having suffered corneal erosion in SA with humidity well below 20%


  2. Nikki says:

    How wonderful to be hearing from you so soon! And it’s gratifying that you can appreciate the vision changes enough to make up for any discomfort you may be experiencing. I’m guessing that it can only get better… especially if you listen to your doctor and don’t push it. 😉

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    • Why thank you.
      The difference really is incredible. Its getting better by the hour, will take around 10 days for the eyes to be totally bedded in and working properly, but already I can see like i could when I was a young lad.
      The reason I did it in Spain was mainly cost but also because a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a doctor, knows the bloke who did it. There will be no slacking in my post operative care, he is in contact constantly to ensure I’m doing as i should.
      I daren’t do otherwise tbh, I’m really appreciating the new peepers, and will do exactly as I’m told.


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