Casa Carlos

As my lovely hosts had driven me and showed me round and housed me, the least I could do was to buy lunch. I was given two options, either somewhere very posh, or a traditional Spanish restaurant. The latter was chosen and we arrived at Casa Carlos about 2.30pm.

Having left Paris the day before with driving rain, low cloud and cold, it was a pleasure to see so many people in Jerez de la Frontera eating outside on the terrace in warm sunshine.

We sat down and were given our menus although the owner was talking to my hosts, giving them the specials of the day.

We chose three different meals, a calamari,


a stew made with pigs cheeks

Lunch 3

and fish. I can’t vouch for the others, but I can say it was probably the best fish I’ve ever eaten. Its easy enough to cook fish reasonably well, but its difficult to cook it exceptionally well, and this truly was exceptional. My Spanish isn’t brilliant, (almost non existent) and my fish recognition not wonderful either but I think it was sole.

Lunch 2

If you ever find yourself in Jerez, I couldnt recommend this place highly enough. Simple cooking, but fantastically well done. Apparently its a fairly new enterprise but given the amount of people eating there, both the  quality and the price means its going well.


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