The Book of Kells.

I’m not a particularly well educated man, nor overly bright but I do consider myself to be fairly well travelled and well read.

I was somewhat surprised then, upon entering Trinity College grounds to be enticed in to see something called The Book of Kells.


What a thing of beauty, of absolute wonder, awaited me. How had I never heard of this thing before? This book, lying in one of the oldest educational establishments in the world, that has survived intact since around 800 AD, had somehow escaped my knowledge.


But no longer. I know now that said collection of gospels, magnificently illustrated by steady hands, is so named after having spent the majority of its early life in the Abbey of Kells. I found out that it was made in a Columban monastery, either in Ireland or England, or possibly both.

I found out, on this trip of discovery, that this wonderful work of religious art is deemed to be the pinnacle of “Insular Illumination” art. I actually learned an enormous amount in the hour or so I was bewitched by a single book, but what I learned most was that The Book of Kells is a stunningly beautiful piece of artwork.


Sadly photo’s are banned in the area, for the protection of the document, so these are internet pictures, but I doubt whether my photographic skills could do it justice anyway.



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