Technology? Pah!

Technology advances and we generally embrace it. The more we have, and the more we live with, makes it harder to do without it.

But is it always for the better? Back in the day when I were nobbut a lad, I can distinctly remember being able to watch a TV program, whilst recording another to watch at a later date. This then stopped, with the death of the VCR and has only recently (now that I’m too old to understand how to do it)  come back into the realms of possibility.

There are of course myriad examples of where technology has helped us in one way or another, indeed, this very post wouldn’t have been seen without the world wide web, (sorry everyone, I didn’t invent it) and equally I wouldn’t have been able to read so many brilliants blogs either.

There is one thing though that I could happily live with never seeing again.

The hotel door electronic opening card.


The key has been around for thousands of years. The style and design may have changed, but the principle has remained the same. You put a key in a lock, turn it, door opens. What can be so difficult? Keys get lost (as do cards) but a large hotel chain could easily get a discount with a local key cutter and ask for a dozen each time.


Then there’s the ridiculousness of swiping the card, getting into your hotel room in pitch darkness, banging your head onto a door, smashing your shins on the corner of the bed before remembering that you have to put the card into a little holder just inside the door.

Why? I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve walked up hotel stairs or taken a lift, got to my room, waved the card about the reader and nothing’s happened. Concentrating (often after a half a shandy) I place the card directly onto the reader, still nothing happens. Back down the stairs, card recoded and back up to get into my room, where I bang my head and smash my shins again.

The hotel’s will have done it for primarily economic reasons I’m sure, but its surely simple. Two easy fixes spring to mind. 1. You put the key on a key fob the size of a jumbo jet so that the guest either leaves it at reception or cannot lose it due to its size, or 2. You ensure the guest is aware on arrival that if they lose the key they will be charged for it.

For those who haven’t read my tale of woe explaining why I hate cards so much, its attached here:

Suffice to say, a spare key would have saved all problems, rather than a four hour wait for my lock to be smashed to pieces before I could finally enter my room.


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3 Responses to Technology? Pah!

  1. Nikki says:

    I will start my comment by playing Devil’s Advocate and guessing that today’s Peter or Polly Paranoia is unnerved by the idea that a previous guest might have a key to their room, hence the electronic key that can be randomly reset between guests.
    That being said, having traveled recently, I find the sliders an annoyance. Both times, the… device malfunctioned. Once coming back from a late dinner, forcing us to roust out the manager, and the next time early morning of the checkout… “Oh, we thought you had already gone.” The hotelier’s rendition of “Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry.”

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    • And those two examples are yet more proof of why I hate them.
      I was ignoring the security aspect entirely as it renders my argument nul and void, I know thats a big reason, but there are security boxes/safes for valuables.
      Grrrrr. Anyway, thats my rant for the day, something more humorous tomorrow I hope.


  2. Nikki says:

    Not to worry…. rants are acceptable among friends. Not to mention good for our blood pressure…that way we can get pesky annoyances out of our system and get to the humor faster.

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