The C word.

I apologise for this post in October, but the plan is to give you an idea in advance should you wish to visit this year.

In a place where justice (fairly summary it must be said) was dispensed for some of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century, now stands the finest Christmas market in Germany. A grand claim you may say, but having asked as many Germans as I knew, Nuremberg was the overwhelming response.

On arrival at the airport, the metro is right next door, an integrated transport system that certainly met with our approval. Our flights were found on a cheap website, from memory it was less than €75 each return, and we stayed in a hotel slightly out of town, but on the bus route which was easily found, easily navigated and cheap.


The flights and hotels were booked with only a couple of days notice, and on the morning of our departure, I felt as if I’d been struck down with some form of undeclared Ebola virus, but, ever the trooper, the show must go on.

We were only there for 48 hours, so as soon as we’d thrown our bags into our properly rubbish hotel, we were onto the bus and into the market. It was cold (to be fair, it was Germany and it was December) but a couple of glasses of Gluwein, available everywhere, soon warmed the cockles.


Its a big area to cover, but we tried our best. Stalls selling handmade wooden crafts and games sat next to chocolate and sweet stalls, that were next to food stalls of myriad different types.


Its really busy, so expect to be jostled and pushed about a bit, but its all done in good humour, I lost count of the amount of apologies I gave and received, all given and taken with a broad smile, even more so when they heard my rubbish attempts at German.

The following morning, I felt even worse, but determined to enjoy my first visit to this city we had breakfast and were out early. Hopped onto a local taxi


and had a trip round the whole city, chilly but enjoyable.

To warm us up, we popped into a local cafe for some hotness, hot chocolate never tasted soooo goooooood.


The market is a fantastic place, really enjoyed it and a weekend, from France to Nuremberg, was enough time.

The second night we dined in a restaurant just off the main square, with queues out the door most of the time, and they were all locals or German, so you know its a good place to eat. There were also the almost obligatory actors in traditional dress, but it actually worked well, didn’t seem contrived as it often does.


The two nights went quickly, were enjoyed and we’d bought plenty of little knick knacks for friends and family which were appreciated by all. Well worth the trip.


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