I’m going to pop across to Dublin for a city break in November, followed by a hop across the Irish sea to see family and friends and then finally fly back home to France. Nothing too difficult or dangerous but when having a look for flights I came across something quite staggering (to me anyway).

I’d booked pretty much everything apart from the final leg, London area (ish) back to either Rennes or Nantes.

I’ve had an Air France air miles card for years, and always try and book with them where possible (saving up my miles to pay for my trip to the Antipodes in the near future) so had a look at their prices.


I then tried the low cost group.

Hmmm, does not compute!!

From London Southend airport, on the required day, with Flybe: £39.99


From London Southend airport, on the required day, with Air France: €406

Air France were selling tickets on a Flybe flight, the plane was a Flybe plane. Why on earth would I book Air France seats on a Flybe plane with such a monumental price difference? Low cost can do what it says on the tin, but such a price difference?

Does anyone know why this should be? Apart, of course, from the fact that Air France have just lost over €200 million after a pilots strike.

I asked Air France for clarification and they replied “for that flight, our fare structure is different than Flybe’s.”

They’re not wrong!


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