Forza Forza Roma


It is said comparisons are odious, and there may be some truth in that, as clearly I haven’t visited every city in the world, but I’ve been lucky enough to visit some spectacular places. Before I came to the Eternal City for the first time my favourite place in the world was Beirut, very closely followed by Barcelona. Nowadays though, there is only one winner, and I go at least once a year to replenish my soul with Romanness.


Walking on the old cobbles in front of this piece of history, knowing that your feet are walking where Julius Caesar, Brutus, Mark Anthony et al walked before is a strange feeling. For a history buff like me its a truly wondrous moment. The Colosseum is history. It lives it. The dust coming from the slowly eroding brickwork means you literally breathe history when you’re there.

Whether its possibly the most photographed monument in the world, or


an equally seen although less photographed wall, Rome just is the most wonderful magical place.

I could (in fact I have) spend all day in the Forum. Looking at the standing monuments but also the tens of thousands of fragments of columns and buildings gives the merest whisper of how magnificent the area must have been back in its heyday.

Stood in the Forum, overlooking the modern city, I saw the top floor flat, with garden, I’d love to own.


I stay in a different hotel, in a different area of the city every time, and whilst standards change according to the price I pay, the public transport system is more than good enough to get me into the places I want to see in only a few minutes.

Breakfast taken here on my last trip wasn’t the worst place to be:

IMG-20130621-00059but a hotel is really only a place to sleep when a city break beckons, certainly when its Rome.

Whats not to love about the Trevi fountain, or The Cistine Chapel? They’re beautiful (although not always the original), as well as the squares, the plazas etc, but once they’re all done, put the map in your pocket and just walk. There is beauty to see everywhere, a fountain on the corner of a wall, tiny little squares, I stumbled across, totally by chance, the old fish market, still in a state of exploration. It was fascinating to take a buy an ice cream and watch the proceedings unfold. Slow, painstaking but wonderful.

On my very first trip, I stayed in a hotel only a few hundred yards from the Pantheon. During my stay I remember the hotel manager telling me how it was almost impossible to improve the city structure, for as soon as the digger went down further than about 10 cm’s, history was uncovered which all has to be recorded.

Rome is too big to be covered in just one post, further posts will follow.


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4 Responses to Forza Forza Roma

  1. I’ve never been to Rome, but I do have memories of Beirut. I spent five weeks there in 1981 when the Iraqi embassy was blown up (not my fault, honest). The beauty of the city was unquestionable, but the war damage was tragic. I would love to have visited it in earlier, more peaceful days.
    By the way, old chap; not that you need my approval, but I do like the new look – and the new name – of this blog.

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    • It wasn’t without a certain trepidation that I headed to Beirut, the image conjured up in my head was that that you saw. On arrival however, its previous reputation as the Middle Eastern playground was clearly in the process of being re-established. The entire city centre has been rebuilt since I saw the battle scarred city on the news, the roads (although dangerous) are well maintained, the houses are architectural jewels and the hotels (in the main) wouldn’t be out of place in Paris, Milan or Dubai. You don’t have to look hard to see traces of its recent painful past, just up from the Corniche, a short walk from the parliament building, is a massive unfinished hotel (I think it was due to be a Holiday Inn) with a huge artillery shell hole in the side, the further away you walk from the centre the more bullet holes you see in the walls, but the image that I had in my head before arrival really couldn’t have been more wrong.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence on the new layout, I tried several and am still not totally happy with this one but i’m sure it’ll grow on me.

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  2. Nikki says:

    I have to second Mr. Channing’s comments concerning your “new look”…. although, truth be told, it was the whimsy of the original that drew me to your blog.
    That being said, as long as you allow us to travel the world with you (and your excellent sense of humor), you can call yourself anything that suits your fancy.

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    • Well, with two such votes of confidence, the new layout is here to stay, thanks for the feedback, its really appreciated.
      Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy my ramblings from the far flung outposts of the globe.


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