Tis often said that its not what you know, its more who you know, and this particular project proved the maxim beyond doubt.

The plan was to build a new chicken coop, as the one inherited when I bought the house was rotting away and not practical for collecting the eggs.

It must be said, that for this grand plan, a large stroke of luck also came into play.

The laydee of the house works in a small family run business that was about to move to a new, purpose built factory and office site a few miles from their current location, and one thing required was to get rid of all the paraphernalia built up over the previous 12 years.

When the boss asked if anyone knew how they could get rid of the refrigerated shipping container outside, she immediately said she did, and she’d take it off their hands without further delay. The deal was struck, for the price of a large bottle of Pastis. (Said drink is oft mentioned in my blog, its a useful form of currency in Bretagne).

A quick phone call to her cousin (who happens to own a large construction company in the town) and delivery was arranged.

All that was left for me to do was sort a place for the beast to go.


Once done, it was delivered.


From there, I could start sorting out the inside. I needed nesting boxes that were easy to clean and access.


I also needed one side for the chooks and the other side for ducks, guinea fowl, geese and whatever other poultry Madame decided we needed.


There needed to be a storage area for the food.


And finally, having spent a full weekend hammering and smashing and building, they’re still not happy with their new abode and want to come into the kitchen.


The whole project cost me a bottle of Pastis, and about €20 in nails, hinges and screws, as I had all the bits of wood etc around the place, and has given much more comfortable lodgings to the flock.



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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to Chickenopolis

  1. What a structure. Well done, Sir. You certainly aren’t doing things by halves, are you?


  2. feral007 says:

    LOL the local currency here is usually a carton (and being a female I have to then go to the wife who does the office work usually and ask what sort of beer do they normally drink?) Blokes apparently know these things genetically.
    Those chooks looked like they were planning a raid on those food barrels though 🙂
    We always have two door storage containers… open one door, then go round and open the other door. You go in whichever door the snake didn’t go out of. Commmon sense really.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, yes we do, its innate.
      The two door snake avoidance system sounds excellent. We have snakes here too, but luckily not poisonous ones, although they’ll pinch the eggs if they get the chance. Foxes are our biggest worry here, even when we close them in every night, there have been times when they’ve come in during the day and taken birds. Little rascals.


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