Today the New York Times, tomorrow Le Monde?

I was lucky enough to spot a request on Twitter for people who continued to travel, despite the current world instability.

A couple of emails and a phone call later, and it would appear I’ve made  the New York Times.

How exciting, but please do read all the way to the end.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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10 Responses to Today the New York Times, tomorrow Le Monde?

  1. Nice article, Mr B. I remember seeing authentic Maasai tribesmen on the Serengeti in the early 1980s. Our guide stopped near the group and negotiated with an authentic, nomadic, pastoral warrior in his full, traditional regalia, how much we should each pay him for the privilege of taking his photograph. He was the only one of his group thus attired, the only one carrying a weapon, and separate from the rest of the group. I suppose, being young, tall and handsome, his contribution to the group was as a model, rather than a herdsman.

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    • I tug my long since receded forelock in your direction Sah!
      There’s a bit in the article saying that its becoming almost impossible to find “real” places anymore, and it’s very true. Your Maasai warrior was quite possibly an equivalent of todays Roman gladiator, an economic necessity, and I’m sure the group appreciated his input as much as those of the other herdsmen.
      I’ve visited Kenya before, but only the areas the British military frequent, so next time round will be a bit more “real” hopefully.

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  2. Jo Roberts says:

    I visited Kenya probably the same year as Keith. While in Tsavo on safari we visited the Masai. No model warrior but the flies were memorable. Shame some have spoilt experiencing a lot of countries for most

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    • Those flies are rarely lacking in this part of the world. I do think you can go somewhere and still see it with brand new eyes, but the world is getting smaller and there are so so few places now that are still untouched by tourism and globalisation of one sort or another.


  3. Nikki says:

    Right off, my congratulations on being touted in the NYT as a shining example of travel bravery… you deserve the praise. I look forward to the future adventures that I’m allowed to experience through your eyes.
    That being said, as a Yank with somewhat provincial knowledge, does the NYT still have a big global following?

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    • Having spoken to a few friends today, they’re all convinced its sheer stupidity that keeps me travelling. I’m more likely to believe them than you, but I definitely prefer your version, so thank you.
      As for NYT readership, obviously I’ve heard of it, I travel a lot and see it in almost every airport I arrive into or depart out of, so I guess its still a fairly broadly circulated daily.


  4. Nikki says:

    I’m sure you are dear to the hearts and lives of your friends and they want to keep you around to enjoy, hence the advice. But as one less personally invested, may I encourage you to follow The Grateful Dead’s advice and keep on truckin’. Someone once said that we seldom regret the things we did as much as we regret the things we didn’t do.

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    • I can’t remember the exact phrase, but its something along the lines of “When the time comes, I don’t want to tiptoe gently up to the hole and climb down, I want to scream up, in a pile of smoke with a screech of brakes screaming Heck, what a ride.”


  5. Zedbed Brown says:

    Totes exciting father, I Am flying to florence tomorrow, am planning on the only danger being losing my passport on a drunken rampage 😉

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